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Class struggle in first-century Galilee produced the ‘Jesus movement’

People's World 27 Mar 2023
In response, the Jesus movement presented itself as tough, muscular, and hardened, both in line and in competition with dominant notions of masculinity in the wider world, including the Roman empire ... Jewish gatherings or synagogues were also important pre-existing networks across the Roman empire, crucially with various local non-Jewish connections.

The defence of automatism in traffic accidents raises big questions for insurers - Jo Clancy

The Scotsman 27 Mar 2023
The concept of insurance can be traced back to the Roman Empire where, under maritime law, shippers took out insurance to protect themselves against the risk of losing their vessels to stormy seas, pirates, and technical failures ....

‘Succession’ Star Jeremy Strong Plants “Seeds of Destruction” in Final Season Premiere

The Hollywood Reporter 27 Mar 2023
After a turbulent ride through three seasons of HBO’s Succession, the second eldest son of Logan Roy (Brian Cox) and former heir apparent to the Waystar empire now has actual allies on his side. siblings Shiv (Sarah Snook) and Roman (Kieran Culkin), just as he always wanted.

Succession season 4’s gripping premiere confirms heartbreaking but inevitable twist

Metro UK 27 Mar 2023
Season 3 of the family drama, created by Peep Show’s Jesse Armstrong, concluded on a jaw-dropping episode of biblical betrayal, which saw the Roy siblings finally reunite in a bid to topple their dad from the family empire. Shiv (Sarah Snook), Kendall (Jeremy Strong) and Roman ...

How many Bay Area concrete buildings might fall like those in Turkey’s deadly earthquake?

Hastings Tribune 27 Mar 2023
SAN JOSE, Calif. — The scenes of tilted, crumbled and collapsed concrete buildings after powerful earthquakes jolted Turkey and Syria last month are sobering ... “It can be fairly invasive ... The Romans built their empire with it, perfecting a recipe so durable many impressive works like the Pantheon, which dates back to around 126 A.D., still stand ... .

Great men didn’t shape history — germs did

The Times/The Sunday Times 26 Mar 2023
In 218BC the great military strategist Hannibal crossed the Alps with 60,000 Carthaginian troops and 37 elephants to take on the mighty Roman Empire on its own turf ... The cause of his defeat? Not the fearsome Roman legions, but a microscopic protozoa, a single-celled parasite ...

Blood-Stained Ivory: The Dark History of the Trade in Elephant Tusks

Ancient Origins 26 Mar 2023
Egyptian pharaohs would hunt Asian elephants along the Euphrates River while the Egyptian empire as a whole sourced ivory from the lands that bordered the Upper Nile ... This was probably due to the decline of the Roman Empire and the fact there just weren’t a lot of elephants left ... Greek and Roman times .

Mark Zuckerberg's daughters are named due to his fondness for this ancient empire

Hindustan Times 25 Mar 2023
Now, if we tell you that the daughters have an interesting Roman history connection to their names, you will be surprised ... Zuckerberg's third daughter Aurelia refers to Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius, whose reign has been symbolised as the Golden Age of the Roman empire.

Christian politics…

Daily Advance 25 Mar 2023
The early Christians – from the very first ones in the book of Acts through the persecution and illegality of Christianity in the Roman Empire up until its legalization by Constantine’s Edict of Milan in 313 AD – simply did not like politics ... which was common in the Roman Empire.

Lucas: Putin’s photo op from hell

Boston Herald 25 Mar 2023
History has a way of repeating itself. Especially if you do not learn from it. A special case is Russia’s Vladimir Putin, who has been handed his head following his unprovoked invasion of Ukraine ... Metaxas famously said, “Oxi” (No), which is what Ukrainian President Volodymir Zelensky said to Putin, only in Ukrainian ... He was building a new Roman Empire.

Brenner & Kondratieff Waves v Economic Confidence Model

Armstrong Economics 25 Mar 2023
That reflected both the inflation due to war, but also the rise of Rome whereby they no longer cared about complying with the Greek standard but set out to establish the Roman standard ... The shift toward industrialization in the Roman Empire also resulted in a decline in birth rates for children as we see in modern times.

Narendra Modi’s Cricket Coup

GlobalResearch 25 Mar 2023
To receive Global Research’s Daily Newsletter (selected articles), click here. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter and subscribe to our Telegram Channel ... What a coup ... Much like the deities of the Roman Empire, all great cricket players, from Antigua to Sydney, find their spiritual holy ground on Indian soil, forever assimilated ... *. Note to readers ... Dr.

Lentils are just waiting for their 'hummus moment'

Messenger-Inquirer 25 Mar 2023
Lentils conceal their superpowers with a dowdy exterior. Pound for pound, raw lentils have more protein than steak ... Fast to cook, easy to store and exalted enough to be buried with the pharaohs of ancient Egypt, these seeds have sustained empires. Roman soldiers lived on the essential portable protein over their long campaigns ... There’s a good reason ... .

2023 edition: 100 best TV shows of all time

North Shore News 25 Mar 2023
Series creator David Milch initially tried to pitch HBO a show set during the Roman period ... Boardwalk Empire ... But, like the Roman empire itself, the show's size and scope were its downfall. HBO was forced to ax it from the schedule after its second season because of budgetary concerns.

The Romans New York Grows Leadership Team with Powerhouse SVP Hire, Maryanne Milano

Longview News-Journal 24 Mar 2023
BROOKLYN, N.Y., March 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- The Romans New York has hired Maryanne Milano as Senior Vice President ... Milano said that The Romans' bold creative & personality is what PR is all about. ... "Culture moves fast and I am excited to help build The Romans New York empire with a team that can move even faster." ... SOURCE The Romans.

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